Unhappily Married? You are Not Alone…

Being married is not like how it is usually portrayed in many Hollywood movies where it always ends happily ever after. Marriage is a journey where both the man and woman should be an active navigator; both steering the relationship to a road where both parties will grow emotionally and spiritually.

However, while the road can be winding and fun, there are bound to be certain portions of the road where the marriage will encounter some problems. As a matter of fact, there will be many of those so called rough patches in the road where either party (or both parties) will have mixed fillings about their union. There will be times when either (or both) will feel unhappy about the marriage and the roads it may be taking.

Being unhappily married is a condition that many couples will go through in the course of their married life. It may happen once, or a few times, but it is a reality that must be faced by most relationships. Although many admits that they still love their partners, many spouses admit that they become emotionally detached from their partners and become disinterested with them. Some go through a phase where they fantasize about previous relationships (like ex-boyfriends or girlfriends) and imagine a life of what-ifs.

While some may try to work them out by talking to their spouses and admitting that there is indeed a real problem between the two of them, some resort to making their fantasies come true and may look to have an affair to fill the void that is usually left by an unhappy marriage.

While being unhappily married is not always the cause that drive married men to have affairs with married women (or single women), or married women to have affairs with married men or single men, it is certainly one of the main reasons.

The best course of action if you are one of those people who are unhappily married is, of course, to face it head on and admit it to your spouse. Both parties should accept that there is indeed a problem and that something has to be done about it. Be open about what you think is the root whether it is emotional, spiritual or sexual. Sexual frustration in marriage is a pretty common problem and is one of the main reasons why extramarital affairs become an option for either party (or both). If need be, be open to the idea of getting professional help from a marriage counselor.

Getting married is easy. Staying married takes hard work. If you at any point you find yourself unhappily married, you have to deal with it head on but do it with care and patience. Sometimes, as in any rough patches, you just need to ride it out to get through it.

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