Why Some Men Prefer Affairs with Married Women

The underlying psychology why men engage in relationships outside of their marriages is a well-known phenomenon that has been the subject of many scientific studies. In fact, in the United States, a statistic reported by Ashley Madison (an online dating site for married men and women) indicates that about 22 percent of married men have engaged in extramarital affairs. Other studies on the prevalence of such extramarital affairs indicate that about 50 to 60 percent of married men below 60 years old have had such relationships with women other than their wives. These are pretty surprising figures especially in a society that views marriage as a sacred vow of loyalty between a man and a woman (In fact, the statistics for women indicate that number of women having affairs may be similar to men!)

A Subset of Men

While a lot of men do net really intentionally choose between married or single woman to have an affair with, there is an actual subset of the population of men who prefer to have affairs with married women. Some of the reasons on why they prefer such arrangement vary but most of the men who belong to this category probably have similar reasons to their female counterparts at the other end of the spectrum.

Studies indicate that married women prefer to have affairs with married men because they have “similar amount of discretionary time available” and that married men tend to have better understanding of their delicate and risky situation. Furthermore, these women also think that, unlike single men, married men will most likely not turn overly sentimental about their relationship and become dependent on them emotionally. They also believe that married men have lower probability of giving them any sexually transmitted disease.

Similarly, reasons why men prefer to have affairs with married women may also have something to do with the maturity they bring to the relationship. Since they are married, they have better understanding of the essential requirements to keeping the secret relationship secret and as fulfilling as possible for both parties.

Other reasons why some men prefer to have affairs with married women are somewhat juvenile but are still reasonable and are actually happening. Many younger men prefer older and married women because some of them like women who assume a more mature role in their relationships. There is also a sexual angle to this preference as some young men prefer having sex with more experienced women.

This arrangement is can be viewed as mutually beneficial because some older women choose younger men for their virility and endurance in bed.

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  1. Leticia Santos says

    maried for about 4 yrs but not happy with my relationship don’t know but will like to have someone that satisfy me.

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